Songwriters and Composers


Songwriters and Composers


We Need You!

Throughout history and across all cultures, music and song have been used unite individuals around a common cause, to promote equality and human rights, and to speak out against war, injustice, and other social ills.

We need your creativity and artistic expression to help our shared mission of Requiem and Remembrance Day take root and flourish.

From arias to rap, barbershop to jazz, all genres of music and song are enthusiastically welcomed!

We’ve identified four themes that help the bereaved:

  • Songs with lyrics that speak directly to loss, enduring pain, and isolation.
  • Songs that pay tribute to lost loved ones.
  • Songs with lyrics that offer friendship and/or emotional support.
  • Songs that offer hope for the survivors.

Every song and composition can provide an important measure of solace to a grieving heart. Collectively, your songs and compositions can create a groundswell of public sentiment to demand common sense public safety legislation and work to stem the tide of gun-related violence.

The epidemic of gun-related violence and the damage that it inflicts across all communities is nothing less than a public health emergency. As a society, we must collectively rise to meet this challenge.  With your passion, creatively, and inspiration, we can create a safer, healthier, more just society.

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