Online Initiative

Online Initiative Guidelines

We warmly welcome everyone who can’t attend a live Sing-In Against Gun Violence on Requiem and Remembrance Day, March 8, 2020, to participate in the online initiative.

Those comfortable with song can post song-selfie videos, or other musical offerings to their favorite social media platforms.

For non-singers, we encourage remembrance posts that:

  • Pay tribute to all those who have lost their lives.
  • Offer solace, support, and solidarity to the bereaved and traumatized.

Use these hashtags:





Types of Songs that Support the Bereaved and Promote Healing:

  • Songs that pay tribute to the dead
  • Songs that speak to the pain of loss
  • Songs that offer friendship and support
  • Songs that offer hope

For specific song suggestions and free graphics, download our DIY Sing-In Guide on our free downloads page.


Respect for the Bereaved and the Traumatized


Requiem and Remembrance Day seeks to create a day of national unity and healing by “crowd-sourcing” love through our songs and remembrances.

Everyone experiences grief in his or her own way. What might be acceptable for one individual to see or hear could unintentionally cause pain for someone else.

Unlike the spoken word, where body language and tone of voice convey layers of intention and meaning, the written word is open to interpretation.

Please use language that reflects our shared mission at all times. 

For this one event only, please refrain from political speech.


Follow These Communication Guidelines:

  • Do not post images of carnage or of individuals who have lost their lives without direct permission from family members. The sudden unexpected encounter of the image of a lost loved one can trigger a host of difficult emotions and might be traumatizing for the bereaved.
  • Do not post images of carnage or individual who have lost their lives with political messaging as this can be seen as using the tragedy for political or personal gain.
  • Do not respond to hate speech, derogatory language, or falsehoods with argument. Silence is golden.
  • Monitor your social media outlets regularly. Delete any derogatory comments/trolls from your social networks as fast as possible.
  • Report speech that violates standards immediately.


Requiem and Remembrance Day is 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation.

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