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Add Your Voice

For All Types of Singers, Musicians, and Composers

We are thrilled to include your voice on March 8, 2020 for the first annual Requiem and Remembrance Day National Sing-In Against Gun Violence!

What is a Sing-In?

  • Sing-Ins can be fully produced large participatory concerts with a choir or song leaders, with or without instrumentation, at a church, theater, or auditorium with a big singing audience.
  • Sing-Ins can be a group of people singing in a park, city plaza, campus quad, or home along to a Spotify playlist.
  • Sing-Ins can be done as an public service event for school choirs, or groups such as scouting.
  • Sing-Ins can be live streamed events on sites such as Face Book and You Tube Live.
  • Sing-Ins can be prerecorded song-selfies that you post on 3/8/2020.
  • Sing-In can be any genre of song, sung by anyone.
  • Sing-Ins can be any you want it to be, so let your creative juices flow!

We hope to gather over 1 million voices, all singing on the same day for the same purpose: to offer solace, solidarity, and support to the far to the bereaved and to pay tribute to those who have been lost. 

Below you’ll find a link to download a pdf of our Requiem and Remembrance Day Sing-In Program Guide for your group, a suggested program outline, a song list, information on the resources you’ll need to launch your event, and more.

Download our graphics to use across your social media outlets.

Don’t forget! Add your event, whether live, or online, or both to our events page when you’re ready to promote and publicize your Sing-In.


Not musical?  No problem! Here are some ideas of how you can participate:

  • Download our graphics and post your personal remembrance on your social media outlet on 3/8/2020. 
  • Volunteer to help out at a local community Sing-In
  • Donate space or special skills to a choir or chorus in your community.
  • Help to arrange for an event at your place of worship.
  • Tell everyone you know about this event. 

Requiem and Remembrance Day is 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation.

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