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National Sing-In Against Gun Violence

March 8, 2020


A Day of Unity and Healing

Through Music and Song


Requiem and Remembrance Day Mission is to:

  • Provide the means for all Americans to acknowledge and express their sadness about the toll that gun violence extracts from our families, communities, and national as a whole.
  • Through collective songs and remembrances, offer our solace, solidarity, and support to grieving survivors and pay tribute to those who have been lost.
  • To unify activist, religious, health, and community groups to amplify our message.
  • To create a new national conversation about gun violence that is outside of political rhetoric.

Requiem and Remembrance Day seeks to inspire all types of singers and singing groups to host or attend a live community Sing-In across the country. Those who are unable to host or attend a Sing-In, can participate with online events such as uploading songs, videos, or remembrance posts across social media platforms.

We encourage songwriters and composers to create new works to commemorate this day.

Not musical? No worries! There are plenty of FREE ways that you, or your group, to participate. Visit our Add Your Voice page to learn more.



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